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Only Forever




Octoberdans festival, Bergen 


Oslo international theatre festival

They seem insignificant but they are myriad; insistent in their control over us: correction, possession, ownership, labelling, shame, our house debt or our fucking monthly insurance payments. They impact slowly upon our bodies.  Like our memories or our experiences which are out of reach, like a cicatrix on our elbow. Death by a thousand cuts.

But what if the cuts are instead a slash (/) hovering there between two binaries? Image/reality, male/female, inclusion/exclusion, individual/collective, intimacy/alienation, sincerity/insincerity. And what if the / was not a border, a difference, a separation?

 ONLY FOREVER is a hybrid performance project built from an interdisciplinary, collective structure by harnessing a range of (un)orthodox strategies including emergent pattern formation and self-organisation, addressing the ambiguity of authorship.

It is an interaction between dance and imagery that exploits the tension between constant flux and the urge to produce fixed, stable facts.  


ONLY FOREVER invites us through this permeable membrane of inside/outside, audience/performer, image/reality, generating a slippage between false binaries and inhabiting a world of infinite redefinition and recombination.

 We are comfortably inhabiting the /. It’s in us. It is us.

I’m looking at you/you’re looking at me.

Look at me/don’t look at me.


Together with: Roza Moshtaghi, Josefin Jussi Andersson,Ronak Moshtaghi,Trine Lise Moe, Aslak Aune Nygård

Photo by Josh Lake

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